Three Rivers Charter School

In 2011 TRCS opened its doors as an independent public charter school. Prior to that, since 2005 the school had operated as a satellite location for Mattole Valley Charter School and was know as the Three Rivers Learning Center. The mission of Three Rivers Charter School is to educate students in grades 1-12 to become well-rounded individuals with a life-long love of learning and the ability to think and act with moral integrity.

How De We Get There?

Students at TRCS are immersed in a culture shaped by the TRCS REACH values (Respect, Empathy, Achievement, Citizenship, Hard work), which empower TRCS staff to provide a safe and wholesome learning environment for all students at all times. As a result of these values, TRCS strives to:

  • Awaken in students a sense of adventure in facing challenges
  • Encourage students to become creative problem solvers
  • Develop in students and staff an awareness of the importance and the habit of actively seeking to improve moral character for the good of the individual and that of the community
  • Develop in students and staff a pride in academic excellence
  • Awaken in students a desire to pursue higher education in technical schools and training programs, or colleges and universities
  • Provide teachers and students with performance-based accountability systems
  • Empower teachers to use different and innovative teaching methods while still adhering to the California State adopted Standards and the National Common Core Standards

Three Rivers Charter School, in accordance with the legislative purposes for the creation of charter schools, increases learning opportunities for all students, provides teachers the freedom to use a variety of innovative yet proven methods in the classroom to meet the needs of the student body, and provides parents and their children expanded choices in the types of educational opportunities that are available to them.

The students, teachers and parents of Three Rivers Charter School represent a collaborative interactive learning community of innovative and unique thinkers working together to gain knowledge, develop their individual talents, and demonstrate their achievements and successes in powerful and effective ways.

TRCS believes, and research has shown, that students who possess self-respect for their own abilities and talents, and for their bodies, and who truly see and respect others in the same way naturally are more self-disciplined, self-motivated, and demonstrate through their words, actions, and choices that they possess moral integrity and social responsibility. Such results are measured by noting the level of student and parent involvement in TRCS and community projects and activities. TRCS strives to measure said levels of involvement through such means as tracking participation levels of TRCS students and parents each year in both school and community projects and activities.

Teachers at TRCS are each allowed to bring to their work with the students the combined wisdom that they have encountered in their initial teacher training and in their constant and ongoing professional development i.e. credential clearing program, teaching workshops, etc. Through the kind of professional collaboration that occurs daily, informally, with a small staff, TRCS teachers are able to share with each other a wealth of ideas for the most successful presentation of specific curriculum topics. These various influences on the instructional design of the TRCS program are united through the way in which the methods chosen address the education of the whole child, reveal ways in which to instill in the student a love of ideas and a curiosity for the “why” behind ideas, and bring about mastery and fluency in order to achieve learning that will last a life-time.