Supply List for Mrs. Kasperson’s class

Students in all high school classes should have access to the following supplies:
  • binder paper
  • either a big three ring binder or 2 or 3 smaller three ring binders in which to keep notes and handouts for classes
  • 3 spiral-bound notebooks for English and history and math classes.
  • pencils, erasers
  • a calculator: the type of calculator depends on the level of math class being taken.  Calculators can be checked out from Mrs. Kasperson but this is a good tool to own for life.
  • a padlock if desired for locker –  only combination locks are allowed, and the combination must be given to Mrs. Kasperson when the locker is assigned
  • a back-pack for keeping homework neat and protected when going to and from school

Please don’t hesitate to speak with Mrs. Kasperson if it is difficult to supply any or all of these items.  We have the all of these things in the classroom as well.

Kathleen Kasperson teaches English and history in the high school classroom while coordinating the TRCS high school program and wearing the many other hats required of a charter school teacher. A graduate of the University of San Francisco, the St. Ignatius Institute, and Cal State University, Mrs. Kasperson has taught in both public and private schools for over 20 years, and loves the adventure of expanding her students' experiences to the amazing world that lies beyond our small community of Fort Bragg.